Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Update

Well the baby got out of NICU today hurray! now we are all chillen up with mom.  Mom is tired and sore but doing good and trying to get this baby thing down.  We all should leave the hospital tomorrow. I cant weight to bust out of here and go on our first walk.  The baby was asking today when he can go to the beach and swim. I told him he would have to wait for a while. just want to tell all our friends we are doing great.

O yeah a huge thanks for all of the support and help from everyone. you are all great friends.


Monday, May 25, 2009

He's Here!

After 23 hours of labor, Baby Schaugaard finally came! He ended up coming today at around 2:15 p.m. by C-Section because the little guy would not come out when it was time to push. The doctor was afraid that I had an infection because I got a fever of 102 during labor. Not good, and they didn't want to risk him being in there any longer. He is 8 lbs. and 6 oz., and 20 1/2 inches long. He has to be in the NICU for a while to make sure that he didn't get an infection. So far I have only been able to see him just right after the C-Section, but Gary has been able to visit him and take some cute pictures. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guess When He's Coming!

We're hoping he'll be here sometime this week! Go to www.expectnet.com, and you can put in a guess of when he's coming and all that. Maybe you will win! Just enter GaryandMegs where it says to enter the game name under Invited Guests and then you can make your guess.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cinco De Mayo and Sandhollow

I think that last year, one of our first blog posts was about Cinco de Mayo. Well, it just wouldn't be Cinco de Mayo without a fiesta! Last year we went to Luna Market where no one speaks English to get the meat to make Carne Asada. This year, Gary tried a new recipe for smothered burritos that turned out delicious! It was super spicy until he toned it down a bit. We had some friends over and had a fun fiesta. Thank you Mexico for giving everyone a reason to play.

Jenna and Nicole ready to eat the yummy dinner.
Trish, Kody, and Lily decided to join the fun even though they could only stay for a minute.
Eating out on the deck. The weather was perfect for it!
Some boys and some mustaches.
We wanted to play volleyball afterward, but all the courts were full. The boys got to join a game for a minute though. Gary put the volleyball in his shirt so we could be twins.


On Saturday, we went out to Sandhollow to support Nicole in her Triathlon. She got 3rd Place in her age group! Go Nicole!
Tyler and Nicole have a catamaran that we decided to take out while we were there. Here are the boys setting everything up.
We took turns taking it out. The weather was awesome!
Then all six of us decided to get on and take it for a spin. Well, you have to lay down or be up and ready to move because the sail will flip around with the wind. I felt like some whale that they just caught and threw onboard, but I couldn't let myself miss out on the fun.

After a while, the wind stopped, and we were stuck out there. The catamaran got back heavy as everyone was moving around and started dipping under the water. I was having contractions and was afraid I was going to go into labor in the middle of Sandhollow on a sinking catamaran! Yikes! Thankfully we were able to balance it again and the wind started back up and we made it back to shore. Overall, it was super fun! Just how summer should be :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Angels and Demons and Free KFC!

For a good date night, go see Angels and Demons and get some free KFC!

May 15th is the release day! I have been waiting and waiting for this movie to come out! I absolutely love the book. I could barely put it down. Maybe because it has to do with art, history, mystery, and is action packed! 

Also...I ran into this site to get a coupon for a free 2 piece chicken meal, complete with a biscuit and two sides, from KFC through the 19th of this month! Click here to get your own. You are allowed to print 4 coupons per household. As Cafe Rio would say "FREE MEAL!" except it's KFC style.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I have been completely slacking on the blog thing because of school. Now that we are GRADUATED, I don't even know what to do with myself! All of our families came into town to celebrate with us. It was so good to see everyone! It is so weird because I feel like after everyone leaves I will need to start on my homework...but I don't have any. It's so weird.

Gary and I graduated in different departments, and everyone was supposed to stick with their departments for graduation. We wanted to walk through the "D" together so someone let me go with his department so we could. Gary graduated with his Bachelor's in Computer Information Technology, and I graduated with my Bachelor's in Art and English.

We wrote on the card that said our names, "Gary, Megan, and Baby Schaugaard" so that they would announce it like that, but they just said "Gary Schaugaard and Megan Lee Schaugaard", but they did let us walk through at the same time. We did think it would be hilarious if I had a water balloon between my legs and pretended to have my water break as we walked through. 

Ashley (our cousin) graduated too. After the ceremony, someone from The Spectrum interviewed us and we are quoted in yesterday's paper. You can read the article here. Afterwards, all the family came to our house for a big party to celebrate. 

This is my nephew, Jajue wearing my graduation cap.
This is Ashley, Gary, and I. Good thing graduation gowns are pretty much one size fits all, or I wouldn't fit!

Sandy and Wade's Wedding

Sandy got married on the 25th! We went up and celebrated with them and took pictures. We don't have them all uploaded yet (This last week has been so busy!) but when we do we'll post some on our site. 

Here are some just random fun pics of helping out with their luncheon.

Debbie and April cooking the lasagna and scones.
Daughter and Mother, Sandy and DeeAnn before the luncheon.
This is me all bundled up! It was a cold day for sure!
Also, there is a tradition that when anyone on the Bolin side gets married, someone shows up in a purple work jumpsuit to the reception. It means good luck for the marriage. It used to be DeeAnn's dad's (Gary's grandpa's) and he would wear it all the time. They finally took it away from him and when DeeAnn got married to Scott, Uncle Shay wore it to their reception. Ashley wore it to our wedding. Willie wore it to Ashley's, etc. Well, this time I wore it. It fit perfectly around my big belly. We will have to post some pictures of it soon! 

St. George Baby Shower

On April 18th, Ashley and Aunt Debbie threw me a baby shower in St. George. It turned out so well! It had a Fish theme because that is one of the names other than Torture Boy, that Gary had suggested. 

We played a game where we had two to a team and one person had to feed the other person baby food. Sick. I had the carrot kind. Needless to say, Heather and I did not win. I don't know how babies eat that stuff. It was hilarious though! I'm sad to say that I didn't get pictures of it.

This is Ashley and I after the shindig.
The super cute decorations that Ashley's husband, Justin, even helped out with.
Delicious cupcakes with Swedish Fish (Gary ate all the Swedish fish off of them).
Our friend Nicole is seriously the Ace of Cakes! This is the fish cake that she made for the party, and it was as delicious as it was cute!

Cousin's Wedding

This was at the beginning of April. I went up north without Gary to go to my cousin's wedding and to take Sandy's bridals. Her bridals can be seen by clicking here. But Gary just updated our website so check that out too by clicking here.

It was so good to see all my cousin's that I hadn't seen for too long!
This is Becca and her little girl Kelty, Me, and Elena and her little boy Huck. 
This is me and my siblings (except Jane cause we couldn't find her) that all made it up to the wedding too: me, Andrew, Lizz, Ginger, Mike (maybe Mike will be my brother someday...), and Abbey. It was Ginger's Birthday and all of a sudden everyone started to sing Happy Birthday to her at the reception!
Here is the happy couple! My cousin Mike and his wife Jess! Congrats!