Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's in a Name?

So far, thanks to Gary, our poor little baby boy is called Torture Boy, and I have this eery feeling that it isn't going to stop when he is born. I am just afraid that he is going to feel that he needs to live up to this nickname. Gary even made a picture on illustrator depicting the baby: 

....and he tells me that the brown is not chocolate.

When I try to suggest any other names that might not give anyone a complex, the topic of conversation is changed immediately.  The only other name I can get out of Gary that he might like is Fish. So...we've got a little problem.

Also, according to this picture Gary made, pregnancy is just as hard on the fathers:

To help resolve our little name dilemma, I would love any name suggestions for our little boy on the way!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Heart My Art History Book

Gary told me he was going to blog about this because he thought it was funny. That's what we always say when anything of interest happens. P.S. I didn't think it was funny at the time.

I was reading my art history homework out of my way expensive nice collector's art history book, when Gary thought it would be hilarious to take the water from the bag of ice that he was using to ice his fat bruised ankle and pour it on me. Well I noticed what was happening so I tried to stop him. As I tried to get him to move the bag away, my art history book got water all over the pages I was reading. I just so happened to be reading the pages about Gianlorenzo Bernini's most famous works.
I was livid for a minute. I think I cried. It was really pathetic. So I told him, while trying to hold back the tears, that since I couldn't see the pictures very well in my book anymore, that he has to take me to Rome to see Bernini's sculptures in person. It is a good thing I love Gary more than my art history book.

Ice Fishing

We had a busy weekend. We went ice fishing at Fish Lake with Grandpa Schaugaard, Gary's dad, Sandy (she just got engaged to Wade by the way!), and Kaitlin. It was a lot of fun. We all caught our limit. 

I don't mind being pregnant in the winter because I have an extra heater in my tummy. Normally I would freeze, but this time it wasn't so bad. Apparently Gary and I are used to the St. George warmer weather, because we forgot to bring our sleeping bags to the cabin, not to mention coveralls for ice fishing. We did remember lots of warm clothes though. Thankfully there were extra coveralls!

Gary and I all bundled up
Kaitlin waiting for a fish to bite
Sandy getting the hook out
One of my fish
Gary's first catch of the day
All the fish we caught
Grandpa Schaugaard, Craig, Katilin and Gary just fishin'
One fish just being reeled in

After fishing on Saturday, we drove back because Ashley Harmon and I were throwing a baby shower for Tasha Anderson. We got back 20 minutes before everyone started to show up, so I had to shower and get everything put together real fast. While everyone was showing up, Gary decided to filet the fish. So it smelled like brownies and fish. It was an interesting combination. Yum.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gary's Ank is Pregnant

I got a text today that said, "I broke my ank. When can you take care of me?" Gary's poor ankle is pretty swollen. The picture doesn't really do it justice. He hurt it on a Goerge Foreman grill. Not really. He did it playing basketball. Poor guy. He's been hobbling around and ringing a bell when he needs assistance.