Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have a Baby for Love

So we always joke around about the "having a baby for German Engineering" commercial. Recently, there have been a lot of babies being born in our ward. A while ago the bishop got up and explained that if you don't have a baby, you are still more than welcome in the ward. So this is what we joked about, "Don't have a baby to belong to the College 6th Ward. Have a baby for love."

Well, we are not only having a baby in May for love, but I also checked out the VW website and they have a Routan Baby Maker. So we made a Routan Baby too from pictures of both of us. Click here to make your own Routan Baby. This is what our baby looks like:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I just started working as a designer for a digital scrapbooking website. I just got finished with my first kit, called Holiday Solstice, that is available for purchase on www.digitalscrapbooking.net.  Just click on my name under the list of designers to view my work. If you want to buy a kit, click on View Details, then Add to Cart. All the kits are way affordable and fun to use for your blog headers, digital scrapbooking, cards etc. 
P.S. All your purchases go toward a fund to buy our baby an Orbit stroller like Astrid's on The Office :) If not the Orbit stroller (Dwight did buy a bomb shelter for the price of the stroller), at least to some other necessary baby items!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Unintentional Road Rage

So our car has a little problem. There is a piece in the steering wheel that is loose. Last week on our way home from church, the horn just started blaring. Gary just hit it a few times to try to get the piece to move. Then he had to put his hands in the air to show that this loud angry driver was not him. We just laughed and laughed as the confused drivers looked at us. 

Well, it is not so funny anymore. This morning on my way home from class, it started blaring again. The horn was honking the whole time through a 4-way stop and as I drove home. You really do have to hit it hard to get the piece unstuck, but then that makes you look really mad. Good thing we live in a good neighborhood.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I got to take Landon and Jessica's engagements yesterday. It was so fun! Check them out on our photography blog here or on the link listed on the right.


This Halloween we did nothing very eventful. Gary and I both worked. I worked till about 11ish. At least I got to dress up. Gary got home around 7ish and handed out candy to the Trick or Treaters. He didn't have any bought candy at first, so he gave some of the kids some homemade suckers that Kim and I made randomly one day. Poor kids. The moms probably won't let them eat them cause they could be poisoned. I am worried that someone might egg us.

We did get to have some fun on Thursday though. We went to a way fun mystery party, set in the 1920s. We all showed up dressed from that era. It cost us money, so we totally thought our friends were ripping us off, until we realized the winners who guessed the murderer got the jackpot. It was like clue but with real people as the characters. We had teams and had to question the characters to find out clues. They told us to steal, cheat, and what not to try to get secrets and money from other people. Gary totally raided all the unattended envelopes full of the other teams' money. Sadly we didn't win; we guessed the right murderer but even with Gary's effort to help the team, we didn't have enough money.

Gary and me
Nicole and Tyler
Kim and Jeremy