Thursday, June 30, 2011

One On The Way

If you didn't catch on to the hints here on the blog (at the end of the last post, on our blog banner), you wouldn't have known that we are expecting again! I thought maybe we should add a little more info than just hints, so here are some pictures. I am about 18 weeks now, and we're expecting a...

Apparently we are good at making boys.

He should be here around the beginning of December!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cramming Months Into A Post

We're alive! As I look at my pictures I can't believe how much updating I need to do!

These past weeks months have been crazy busy! I have been busily working on some illustrations for a children's book and it is taking more time than I thought it would! But it's now close to being done. Poor Tucker has been watching way too much Sesame Street on Netflix.

Here's an attempt to show you what we've been up to.

Tucker in the water:

This kid will drop and roll in a puddle if he sees one, and I'm not kidding. He did that at the park the other day, and then proceeded to lick the puddle for a drink like the dog. Gross.

Cotton Days Parade with the Callisters:

A trip up North to see my sister and her family get sealed and to visit other family:

Visiting Gary's mom in the hospital:
Tucker and his cousin, Emabelle, looking out the window from Grandma's room.

Annual Blocked Off Our Street Day A.K.A. Iron Man (They race right by our house--we had to park our car at the park and walk to the park if we wanted to go anywhere)

Tucker's birthday/Memorial Day with the Schaugaards, Backers and some Haroldsens:
 Tucker had his very own toy box cake complete with Toy Story toys!
The blocks inside were edible and spelled out Tucker's name. Pretty fancy!
Thanks Wade and Sandy!

We actually left our camera home on the day we went hiking
and swimming at some waterfalls in Leeds with the Schaugaards.
I am bummed that we don't have pictures.

Tucker's little Buzz and Woody friend birthday party at the Splash Pad:

And now that Tucker is two, we figure he is big enough to be doing some chores around here. You know, like mowing the lawn, gardening, vacuuming out the car--the usual:

And here's a little one day adventure to Baker's Reservoir that we took with Scott, Nate, Ben, and Elisha:

P.S. We are expecting!