Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Been a while...

I usually post from my laptop, and the power cord to it is broken. Thus, not many posts lately. I can use the computer downstairs without a problem. It's just that there are pictures on the laptop that I want to post. Now there is so much to update about, it's like when you don't do your laundry for a while, and it has turned into a huge project.

A lot has happened in the last month or so! I will hopefully get the pictures sooner than later to post, but here it is in words:
  • A NEW BACK YARD! We have been busy putting sprinklers in and getting started on our garden. Gary had to pull out a HUGE tree stump before we could put in sprinklers. Then we were going to plant grass. I wanted sod, but that would have been like $800 that we just don't have hanging around waiting to be used to buy sod. But...on Gary's birthday, his grandparents came into town and found us a great deal on some sod! Our salsa garden is coming along too.
  • 007 JAMES BOND PARTY! We have a ton of friends whose birthdays are in March, including Gary's. So Nicole, Ashley, Trish, & Jeremy were helping me put together a surprise birthday bash for Gary, Tyler, Justin, Kody, and Kim. We had to put together some distractions so they wouldn't find out. We made fake money with the birthday peoples' faces and left it somewhere for them like the mailbox or glove box. We sent out anonymous text messages to them each addressed as secret agents that told them where to find the money. Then, the money had instructions with it that told them to go to a gas station at a certain time and present the money with their face on it to the cashier. Then the cashier had a package for each of them that included a toy gun, some chocolate casino chips, extra money and instructions to go to Casino Royale (at our house) and leave with the most money or the tickets (we had movie tickets for the winner) would go to someone else. It was so fun! We had Texas Roadhouse food and played craps for fake money. 
  • TUCKER! Wow, he is getting so big! Lately, with our garden and yard work, we have been hanging out outside a lot. He loves it! Somehow he always manages to find some dirt or rocks to eat though. It's so funny when we catch him with one. He knows he's in trouble and just shakes his head real fast and tries to look like he wasn't doing anything with the rock in his hand. He has also started this fake coughing thing too. I was coughing the other day, and I noticed that he would copy me. When Gary got home I said, "Look at this kid!" I said to Tucker, "Are you sooo sick?" then I coughed. Then Tucker did his fake cough. Oh boy. We also have this little book that he got for Christmas with flaps on it that show animals under the flaps. We do the noises for the animals and he was doing the bee noise. He gets so excited when he knows he made the same sound that we did. He is so cute!