Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

To start off Labor Day weekend, we went boating with some good friends! 

Here's Tucker and Daddy taking a swim.
This little boy is already trying to drive around and pick up on the ladies. We are in trouble! He absolutely LOVES to pretend to drive. Get him around a steering wheel and he can't hold back!
Here's Tucker and Daddy just hanging out on the boat. Tucker took his flag holding duties very seriously. If we tried to help him hold it up, he yanked it away. He didn't want us doing his job. 
Here I am trying the wake skate for the first time, which I must say is sooooo fun! If you can catch the wave, you can let go of the rope and keep going. 
I need to add that Gary is amazing at wake boarding now! He is all over the place over the wake. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This & That Creative

I am a contributor on a new blog
called This and That Creative! 
Today was our first day, but stay tuned
for some really awesome posts about
blogging, sewing, cooking, crafting, jewelry
making, and home design! We have scheduled 
posts, so click on the schedule button to
see when your favorite topics will be featured! 
Check out the blog HERE!