Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Update

These are from our ultra sound last week. This is our little one. I am so excited to meet him! Only about 11 weeks left!

He is yawning in this one-how cute is that?!

So the name that I like is Hudson. I found it in a book I had to read in my Major American Authors class last semester when I first got pregnant. I have basically really liked this name for the whole pregnancy so far and have just been waiting for Gary to like it. It looks like I am still waiting. Apparently kids will call our little boy a piece of hud if we name him that; I personally really don't think that he will get teased for it. 

This is what everything is supposed to be looking like right now:
Oh, I wanted to add that last night before we went to sleep, Gary leaned over and told the baby goodnight and that he was not going to go to sleep until he felt a kick telling him goodnight. I highly doubted that he would get one because it seemed that the baby was asleep cause he hadn't been kicking for a little bit. Well right after Gary said that to him, there was a big kick. Guess he already can understand his daddy. It was super cute!