Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just a Regular Day

Today was just a regular day...went to work..went to lunch...went to work again. Gary caught me before I left the parking lot of work and had me stop and get us some Carne Asada Burritos from Alberto's for dinner. When I got home, Gary showed me what he did to his phone. When we went to In-N-Out(I don't remember which time...I feel like we always go there) one of the workers gave him some of the stickers that they give out to the kids. Well there are In-N-Out stickers all over his phone. He just told me that our friend Jeff has converted him to In-N-Out. I guess it gives them something to be excited about.

Right now, we are watching the Jazz game. Gary is letting it all out on the TV, and I have just been painting. I took a picture of some random person's laundry that I saw one day. Today I attempted to paint it in Water Color. I haven't done a Water Color for a while. I don't know if I like the painting so much. I am still deciding. Water Color is a lot more complicated than oil. Although, it is a lot less messy to clean up. Here is a pic of it. Having a blog gets me to take more pictures I have noticed. 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Field Trip for the Weekend

This last weekend, Gary was scheduled to drive to Provo for a choir field trip. I decided to tag along. First thing, when all the kids and teachers were on the bus, they decided to take roll. Well, one of the Chaperones looked at me and said, "We'll start with you." I had to explain that I have not been in high school for some time now. I just look either immature or young, one or the other. I get it all the time. 

We met my sisters Abbey and Lizz and my little nephew Jajue while we were up there. We decided to go to Cabella's and the whole way there, Jajue was saying "fish-es." When we got to Cabella's, there were some little beagle puppies in front and Jajue thought one of them looked thirsty. Inside, he loved all of the animals on display "wow!" and expecially the "fish-es!" in the fish cave.

After Cabella's, we went back to the high school where the bus was parked. Get a glimpse of Jajue in the driver's seat of the bus by pressing play on the video clip. You will also get to see some stellar imitations of a kangaroo and a penguin. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco De Mayo

Yesterday in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we, with some of our good friends Jeff & Jenna and Tyler & Nicole, had a fiesta! On our way over to the fiesta, we stopped at Luna Market, where nobody speaks English and got some original Carne Asada. We don't know what kind of carne; it was all marked in Spanish, but we could read the carne part, and as far as we know, we love the Carne Asada at Alberto's! While we were there, we bought a little turtle with a bobble head for everyone. At the Fiesta, we made some delicious secret recipe tacos (still a secret to us of what that meat was) that Gary learned on his mission and ate and ate. They were so good! Viva la Mexico!  

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My First Post (How Cute)

Well I am just starting this blog thing and still figuring it all out. I just found out how to post, that is, if this actually works. 

An update on us: Gary and I are living in St. George in Student Housing now, but in the end of May, we will be moving into a place that our friends (who are moving...sad) have been renting/house sitting for a couple that only comes into town twice a year or so. It is a pretty nice big 5 bedroom home, but completely furnished. It will be fun trying to find room for everything. Right now we have a whole room dedicated to our camping and hunting stuff alone, so it will be interesting. 

Gary is going to school to get a Visual Technologies Degree (he is awesome at websites and computers and it currently making me a website for my art!)click here.  I am going for a degree in Integrated Studies for Art and Enlglish. For work, Gary is a Washington County School District Bus Driver, and yes, he gets to drive the short bus! He is also a Labby at the College. He just ended his Labby job today as the semester is coming to a close, but he still has almost a month left of bus driving. So he will be looking for another job soon. I am employed at Portrait Kitchens and Baths as an Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager...actually, I can't back that up. I am an Assistant Designer/Receptionist/Do Whatever Person. I like to say Receptionist because then I feel like Pam from The Office. Gary and I both do photography on the side of work and school. Our website is, and that is pretty fun. Although, it is sad when you have more files of other peoples' pics on your computer than actual pics of you and your family, and that just seems to be the case as I look for more pics of us that we can post...