Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Tucker Facts

Here are some things about Tucker:

  • He fakes "owies" to try to get us to take him out of his crib. The other night Gary went and got him and put him in our bed (which never happens) because he kept crying "owie, owie!". Once he got onto our bed, he helped himself off the bed and started running down the hall. We were like, "What is this kid doing at 4 in the morning running around the house?!" Then we see the light from the fridge turn on as he opened it. I had given him some Koolaid the day before and he remembered that his sippy cup was in the fridge and he wanted some. Then he smacked his lips in satisfaction after his drink and let us put him back to bed.
  • He often drinks water from puddles like a doggy after it rains (We have yet to convince him that he is not a dog like Jemima)
  • He is OBSESSED with his little Buzz and Woody figurines. Gary even pretends to eat them and sneeze them back up and Tucker thinks it is amazing and hilarious. It's gotten a little out of hand though. Especially in church yesterday when he was frantically screaming bloody murder during sacrament meeting when he didn't see where they went when he dropped them. "WOO-IE! WOO-IE! BUHS! BUHS!" Oh boy.
  • He LOVES water. His face in it whenever possible. He is not scared of it at all!
  • He is starting to not go down for his naps so well. I am having a hard time keeping up with this boy's energy!
  • When I was reading his scriptures to him the other day, we were on the page about the Stripling Young Warriors and it shows a picture of a little boy hugging his mom (to show that "their mother's taught them") and he looked at me after he saw the picture and then gave me a big hug as if to say , "Look! That's like us!" It was just heartwarming. 
Those are just a few things :)


The Jones Family said...

That is just awesome! He is the funniest kid :) As far as the bedroom thing goes, I can see your dilemma... but I have to tell you, from experience, that you'll just end up redoing it in the next couple of years anyway because they always outgrow your cute ideas. I know that doesn't help, other than to say maybe you could do woody and buzz now and then do airplanes in a couple of years. We went through a baseball and starts phase at our house and now I'm working on meshing dinosaurs for Danny and camo colored planes for Jake. The fun never stops... :)

Jessica Peterson said...

Awe!! Love the last bit. So cute!

Rachelle VDub said...

Love that he hugged you! So sweet! What Book of Mormon stories do you have? I have one that has a page for each book out of the book of mormon...but Im not lovin you like yours?

DesiGujju said...

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