Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quail Creek

Well, I can't complain too much about all of my homework because I get to have a lot of fun too! This weekend we went with Gina & Darrell and Tyler (Nicole had a baby shower to go to) to Quail Creek and went windsurfing. Both Gina & Darrell and Nicole & Tyler have a windsurf board.We were going to go to Sandhollow but when we pulled up there was a line of cars as far as the eye could see, so Quail Creek worked out just fine instead. The day was packed with lots of sun and windsurfing fun. Seeing all the people out on their boats gets us all excited. Gary claims that if there was a boat for sale while we were there, we would have bought it. Then later in the day after we were all worn out and Nicole came back into town, we all went to the ward pool party and the boys womped the girls at Pictionary (they cheated).

Me trying to windsurf
Bandit pulling Gary around on the float-boat
Bandit and Gina
Me and Gary
Tyler windsurfing

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waiting for the Big Event

Today I realized that I spend probably about 50 hrs a week at the school. I have spent 12 1/2 hours straight at the school and still have not had the time to get done with all my homework. You know how people pitch their tents outside when they are waiting for big events? Tomorrow I think I will bring a tent, food and supplies for the next two weeks, and then I will dig a fire pit in Dixie's lawn to roast mallows at night so I can  wait out the big event of my release from school. I would also save money on gas...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Over the Weekend

We went to Delta after our 5K in Cedar City to celebrate my sister Jane's 11th birthday and Father's Day. On Saturday, we swam out at the Res, hit golf balls into the water, and had a picnic. Here are some pics. It was way fun to see the whole family again!

Andrew and Ginger jumping off the dock
All of the Lee kids
Gary hitting a golf ball into the water
Jajue wanting to be like Gary

At church on Father's Day after Sacrament Meeting, all the dads got a paper plate full of homemade goodies. It was way funny cause since Lizz's husband, Mike, was still up in Ogden, Gary asked to hold Jajue and then stood in the isle while they were handing them out. Sure enough, they thought he was the father and he scored a plate full of goodies. 

Two boys taking a Sunday nap

Saturday, June 14, 2008


We ran the 5K this morning! Craig and Becky ran too and left us in the dust! When  we got the results, my card said that I ran the Men's 5K and got 8th place in the age group! So I guess there must be a lot of boys named Megan; that must be why there was the mixup. My time was 28:36. Gary came in 7th place for the age group and his time was 28:25.  When we got my card changed to the Women's 5K, I got 10th. So I can say I came in 8th; it sounds better :) Here are some great shots that Aunt Cheryl got of Gary and I. As you can see, we had a blast!

Friday, June 13, 2008


I love to just be outside in the summer. I have resorted to doing as much homework as possible outside. Right now I am at the Flood Street Park sitting underneath a tree. I swear, the Internet is almost accessible anywhere (even at our house, if we sit on a certain spot on a certain couch) cause I have full bars here at the park. I took a stretch and laid on my back for a moment and this is what I saw. I don't have a camera with me, so I used my photobooth program on my laptop. Well, I better get back to the studying.

Stay tuned...Gary and I are running a 5k tomorrow. It should be interesting.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not So Awkwod

Well, it is that time of year when the couple that owns the house that we just moved into comes into town for a few weeks. Of course, because they are now in town, there is now a family reunion held each day in our new abode. We have a house full of people we just met. "Awkwod!" as a kid that rode Gary's bus would say. In all reality, they are all really nice. We all get along. It reminds me of when I was in the mission field when we had to stay at members' homes when we traveled far for Zone Conference. You really just feel at home, even when you don't know them that well.

Some highlights this week:
  • Gary offered one of the little girls some candy "Hey little girl, you want some candy?" and for some reason, she ran back into the other room.
  • Gary helped get the satellite working on one of the bedroom TVs.
  • The bug guy paid a visit to spray the house.
  • Midterms will be over this week!
  • The kids help eat the plethora of ice-cream toppings that we have somehow accumulated.
Seriously, we have like 10 bottles of ice-cream toppings. If anyone ever wants to have an ice-cream night, y'all are invited to our house. We have all flavors ever made. No exceptions. Let us know and seriously we'll plan the ultimate ice-cream event ever!

Jeff and Jenna, the invitation still includes you. You might be saying to yourself right now, "The weather is a little too cold..." Ya, we know you just got snow there yesterday. Think about it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Busy Busy

Wow! It has been a while. We haven't had the Internet lately in our new place. Life has been so busy with school, moving and I am not working for the summer so that I can keep caught up in my classes. I feel like my full-time job is school and I work overtime. Maybe it is just because they are all English classes and there is an infinity of papers to write. Maybe I am just being a baby since I had it easy last semester with all art classes.
We just moved into a new place. We are basically house-sitting for a couple that lives in Virginia but owns a home down here. The rent is cheaper and the house is way bigger than our old apartment. It is already furnished except for the basement where we put most of our stuff. If you want to see the scary part...take a look at our good friends, Jeff and Jenna's blog. They just moved to Idaho(sniffle...tear) and we took over the house since they left. Apparently when they cleaned the place up for us to move in, they found out that they were not the only ones who had been living there. Pretty creepy. 

Right now we are just hanging out watching the news with Tyler and Nicole. I brought the laptop to do some homework during the Celtics and Lakers game and what a treat it was when I got the internet on it. Finally I am able to update the good old blog.