Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something Happens

Something happens when you become pregnant.
  • It is so weird to love someone you can't even see so much. 
  • I found out all those weird things you hear about pregnant women are true.
  • Every decision I make, I think about how it will affect this new little life. 
  • I get to sleep on a huge pregnancy pillow that takes up most of the bed. Gary is a trooper.
  • I wake up periodically through the night. I have never had trouble sleeping. Ever. I got pregnant, and then it was like BAM! Wake up every two hours! Is this official mom training or what?
  • My favorite is when I can feel the baby move. It's like he's saying, "Hey mom, stop freaking out. I'm fine."
  • I have never been more anxious for a school semester to be over.
  • I think about the odds of the one in a million chances of rare birth-defects.
  • Every time I look at a little baby, I am more in awe than ever at the miracle of life.
  • I never felt so aware of my surroundings and my safety. It's not just me I'm looking out for here now.
  • I see my husband in some amazing new light. This guy that I have fallen in love with is our baby's father. I couldn't be happier than knowing we get to experience this together.
  • My feelings for the gospel and the Plan of Salvation have reached greater depths. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father's Plan includes families and a way for them to be together forever. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Family Pictures

As I am doing a major catching up, I will post the family pictures we were able to get over Thanksgiving and New Year's.

The Haroldsens:
The Schaugaards:
The Lees:

New Year's Eve

We went to Delta for New Year's Eve and Day. My family had a party at the church and we played games (one fun crazy one where everyone hits the opposite team with swimming pool noodles) and tried to stay up until New Year's. 

Gary and my Mom at the moment of battle. It was girls against boys!
All of the boys, even little 2 year old Jajue, ganged up to get Lizz out of the game.
When you're out, you have to wait for a team member to throw you a noodle.
When we got to the Lee's from the church, everyone else wanted to open presents for Christmas that we saved until we could all be together. Then we all crashed.

The next day we went shooting and Gary got to shoot his brand new Glock that he got for Christmas. 

Christmas Trip

For Christmas we went up North. After driving on those crazy roads, we are glad we don't have to deal with that everyday. 

We stayed at the Haroldsen's on Christmas Eve. The next morning, we saw that Santa had sure enough found us. I wish that I took some pictures! We left our small camera battery in Delta. 

We visited family for most of the day. We went to the Schaugaard's later on and played in the snow. The girl's got a Wii, complete with Mario Kart, so we made a Yoshi in his Kart.  

We also got to see a good friend from high school and spend some time with my sisters, Abbey, Jane (who was up from Delta) and Lizz, and my little nephew, Jajue. Abbey got super creative and made her boyfriend, Mike, an outfit like on A Christmas Story. I will post those pics as soon as I get them on here. I seriously couldn't stop laughing when he wanted to wear it to the restaurant. 

We also got to go ice fishing early on the Saturday following Christmas. It was Grandpa Schaugaard's birthday. Sadly we didn't catch anything, just froze. It was still fun though.

Later that day we went to a Lee Christmas Party and got to see some of my relatives that I don't get to see very often. 

We got to eat dinner with the Haroldsens before we left on Sunday, back to good ole St. George.


Here are some pictures of the Allconnect Christmas party.

Me and Gary waiting to scarf down some food.
Tyler and Nicole. It's nice to have them at the work parties.
Tyler and Gary getting their groove on on the dance floor.
We did miss the Harmons, but they just had a baby and couldn't drive to Mesquite.

We also had the Bolin Family Christmas Party in December at the Elementary School in Hurricane. Here are some pics.

Gary dunking it on the hoops outside the school.
Gary holding Justin and Ashley's new baby, Sophie.
Somehow this always happens. The kids like to attack Gary.


For Thanksgiving, we had our house full, and I loved every minute of it (really I did). Gary's Dad, Becky, Amber, and Kaitlin, and a friend from Amber's soccer team stayed with us. Gary's Uncle Dave and his family stayed with us too. While down here, Amber had some soccer games that we went to see, and we got to have one of the families of Amber's teammate stay with us too. 

Thanksgiving day we went to the Turners where all the Schaugaards met together and ate a feast. We later visited the Houghtons, because Gary's Mom, Scott, Brad, Nate, and Sandy, and let's not forget Brutus the dog, came down this way too. 

We spent time rock climbing at Dixie Rock, and even got to see Elder Holland while we were there (but we didn't want to bother him so we didn't say anything to him).


Catch Up! November Events

We haven't posted a lot of the end of last year, so this post is a catch up.

This is Gary when we went motor biking/four-wheeling with our good friends, the Laidlaws.
Jeremy is out of control on his bike.
Kimmers on her pink four-wheeler.
Jeff and Jenna, our good friends that now live in freezing Idaho, came down for a visit, and we went shooting and out to eat.

This is Jeff, after he got a bunny
This is Jenna shooting.
Nicole shooting some clay pigeons.
Gary shooting.