Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th and Fishing Poles

For the Fourth of July weekend, we went camping at Kolob Reservoir. Tucker absolutely loves camping, maybe because of the endless dirt. 

I had to clean out one of our coolers before we could pack it. I took it out back to hose it down. Tucker joined me. Then he climbed in. It was like a little Tucker pool.

On the way there, Tucker was already excited to go fishing. 
That evening we were ready to fish! Here is Gary reeling one in!
Nice catch!
We tried to get a picture of Dale, Tucker, and Gary with the fish, but as soon as I snapped a shot, the fish wiggled right out of their hands!
Finally got it back :) Tucker didn't know what to think of it at first.
Tucker had a blast just sitting in the dirt the next day. Look at that face!

So dirty!

A camping family
A filthy little boy taking a walk with Leisa
Gary in the bootie shorts.
Why the bootie shorts? Well, Gary was sitting at his computer one day and then all of a sudden he says, "Megs! Bootie shorts are the new board shorts!" Apparently he found a magazine article about it online. That's why. 
Also, Gary has been on a strict diet in a little family competition we are having. He's lost 27 lbs. already and looking good! I've lost 7 lbs. It's been since Easter. The rules: You get a point for each of the following in a day: no soda, no sugary snacks or fried foods, exercise for at least a half hour each day, and drink 64 oz. of water. The person with the most points by July 17th wins. Everyone pitched in a dollar per week. Gary and Aunt Debbie are ahead so far. I'll keep you updated!

Tucker was all tuckered out on the way home. He fell asleep with his fishing pole in his hands. He loves that thing.
After we got back from camping, we went to see the fireworks. Tucker was mesmerized. By the end of the night, this kid was OUT! And that is really saying something for this kid who NEVER wants to sleep.
The next day, Dale and Leisa had a little get-together at their house. We made a Fourth of July Cupcake Cake. I ate some. Gary did not. Tucker ate some and wanted more.  

All the girls. The guys got a picture too, but we didn't get one with our camera.
I didn't want to make a separate post for this, so I am adding it to this one.
Tucker LOVES his fishing pole.
Gary tied a toy at the end of it so he could practice reeling one in. It is seriously one of the cutest things ever. Every single time we help him reel it in, Tucker's face lights up like he really caught one. Check out this face!!! Way funny!