Monday, January 16, 2012

A Well Needed Update

My laptop stopped working when I attempted to clean it with a Clorox wipe. It got too wet, and now the keyboard and mouse do not work. It's quite sad. I have pictures on that computer that i am unable to post now, but hopefully we can get them somehow. So this post that I'm writing is being done from my phone. It's definitely not as convenient at all, but i definitely need to give you all an update. I'm hoping to be able to post some pictures from my phone too. We'll see! I don't have any control over the order that the pictures are in or to write about each picture, but it will let me post them. I still hope you enjoy them. We had a wonderful and busy Christmas--visiting lots of family. Zeb is getting so big so fast. Tucker is a good big brother. One sad thing that happened this last week is that our little Jemima dog passed away. She got hit by a car. There are a few pictures of her on this post, on one picture, she came in through the cat door at the Haroldsen's and didn't quite clear it. You can see it around her waist. It was so funny. The other picture is when we put Tucker's Christmas pajamas on her. That was hilarious too! It's only been a few days that she hasn't been around, but we miss her a lot! Even if I did complain about her getting into stuff all the time, she was still a part if the family. Tucker and Jemima would always wrestle like brother and sister. We didn't know if he quite understood what happened, but yesterday morning he started crying and saying that "Mima's dead". Broke my little heart. She was a part of our little family and we won't ever forget her.