Thursday, July 28, 2011

Potty Training: Day 3

I am quite possibly ready to pull out my hair. Today is day 3 of our "Three Day Potty Training" in which the queen of potty training explains, "In my experience, virtually all children can be potty trained at the
age of 22 months and can be trained in as few as three days." Oh and she also threw in, "Children with Apraxia of Speech can also be potty trained using this method. My fifth child, now 4 years old, has Childhood Apraxia of Speech and was potty trained at 22 months old in under 3 days using this method."

Well, I have totally stuck consistently with this method that for everyone else I know who has tried it, it has worked for. Tucker is not even close.

Apparently my child is the exception. I am convinced that he loves water and being wet so much that he would go pee anywhere just so he could dance in it. Sick. I know that he understands that he needs to go in the potty, but just does not want to. He will poop in the toilet, but not pee.

I "threw out" all our diapers and the training said to stay with the potty training with big boy pants and that you should not revert back to diapers, ever.

Any tips? Anyone? I am desperate.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lots of July Fun

Time for pictures and more pictures of this month so far! I'm talking lots!

We took a trip up north to visit family and have some fun at the beginning of this month. We stopped by Tucker's Great Grandma and Grandpa Lee's for Sunday dinner and hung out with cousins.

Tucker riding a little choo-choo train that my dad grew up with

Playing marbles on the marble ladder that Great Grandpa's dad made

Riding a cool trike in the backyard

Great Grandma pushing Tucker around on the trike

Tucker playing baseball with Daddy and my cousin Trent

My cousin, Amanda, Tucker, and Great Grandma on the swing while Great Grandpa checks the garden

Tucker playing in the playhouse in the backyard

On the fourth, we went to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Schaugaard, Amber, Kailtin, Sandy, Wade, Emabelle, Lizz, Jajue, Abbey, and Ginger.

Tucker is so funny. We showed him the elephants, and he just shouted, "Water!" 
because they were in playing in water. As for all the animals, 
I don't think Tucker knew what to think. He kind of just stood there 
and tried to take it all in that all the animals he has learned about are actually real :)

Tucker is so intrigued!

 Tucker and Emabelle scoping out the elephants

Tucker and Kaitlin--Tucker got his cool camo hat while we were there
 and now he freaks out if he doesn't know where it is.

Love this pic!

We crossed a bridge and just outside of the zoo fence was a huge garden, 
and Grandpa Schaugaard couldn't help but think that this was the greatest
exhibit there!

Mr. Tiger

Amber and Tuck

Daddy and Tucker looking at...?

Jajue being a turtle

Tucker going down the snake slide

Lizz, Jajue, Tucker, and Abbey

 Kaitlin and Tucker in the slide

Jajue and Tucker in the dinosaur egg

Amber, Kaitlin, Tucker, and Emabelle

I'd say we measure up to monkeys!

Grandma and Tucker

Kaitlin and Tucker hanging out with the gorilla

Posing by the gorilla

Tucker and Ginger

Sandy, Emabelle, Tucker, Amber, and Kaitlin taking a ride on the dinosaur

After the zoo we headed up to the Calderwood family reunion for some fun camping. The campground was close to the river, but no worries, we didn't even show the river to Tucker until we were leaving. We pointed it out to him as we were driving over the bridge, and he just shouted, "Water!?" like we had ripped him off the whole time. But we did let him go to the reservoir to swim where it wasn't so dangerous while we were up that way.

The first night we went to the small town fireworks near the campground.

Tucker tried so hard to stay awake and actually made it to see them

But here is the scary part about the camp out. I have heard a lot of stories about bears attacking campers in the past few weeks because the girls in our ward were heading to girls' camp where rumor had it there were bears in the midst (they didn't run into any by the way). The first night of camping, we left some of our leftover chicken bones on our camp table. Well, in the middle of the night we heard a "GRRRRRRR!" Everyone in the tent immediately woke up. And...the tent that we were in did not have a functioning zipper closure. So we were totally exposed to outside.  Du duh dum. I was freaking out at this point especially from all the bear stories. And whatever it was outside, brushed against my sister's leg in the tent right before we heard the growl (she was closest to the exposed doorway), and she was in total panic mode. Me too. We struggled to find our flashlight, and Gary went to inspect. I was afraid for his life. He didn't see anything. A few minutes later, back in the tent, we heard some rumbling around again. And...he went out to check again. It was a raccoon. I guess two of them were fighting over our chicken bones. And they ate my pastry that I was going to eat in the morning. I was so mad! We had stuff piled on top of the pastry box, and the raccoons totally went into the side of the box while all the stuff was still piled on the box. They didn't even wait for us to go to bed the next night, they were already scoping out the place as we went to brush our teeth!

Here is Tucker just hanging out around the campsite

I love this one, but just wish it was more in focus!
Here is Tucker with his choo-choo that he takes everywhere these days.

Tucker and Kelty having some CapriSun

My turn to beat Gary at our new favorite game on his iPad, Scrabble.

Gary making us some breakfast

My sis in her long-johns leading Tucker and Jajue through the campsite

Some more close-ups of this camping boy

In his natural habitat

Tucker playing the matching game with Uncle Andrew, Aunt Ginger, Aunt Abbey, and Jajue

Kelty and Tucker all ready in their suits to go swimming

Three kids buckled in and ready to go find some water

Finally we got to the water and my uncle, John, took Tucker and me for a little canoo ride.

Okay, so THIS one is really the picture of Tucker in his natural habitat.

Tucker and Aunt Abbey in the water

Me and Tuck in the water--poor little guy was getting cold

My mom jumped in the water with her clothes on and helped Tucker ride the rope swing

Go Tucker!

My nephew, Jajue, got into a mud fight...

...with his grandma and grandpa

Later that week we hung out with the Haroldsen's and went to see Cars 2, (which I totally loved by the way) and spent some time at Aunt Renate's wedding that was in Grandma and Grandpa Haroldsen's backyard.
 Renate and her granddaughter

 And how did I not get a pic of the bride and groom together?!

The kids all decided to play on the trampoline and Tucker wasn't about to be left out.
Here he is dragging a chair to the trampoline so he can climb up too.

Tucker found the dirt

"Momma, don't you tell me not to play in the dirt!"

Here's Gatlin, Tucker and another little friend looking at the chickens