Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanksgiving (A Little Late)

Wow. As I am looking at pictures, I realize how much I need to update!

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving. We ended up going up North to my Grandma & Grandpa Lee's for dinner. Leave it up to my sister, Abbey, to get headdresses and pilgrim outfits for everyone. She wanted it to be real authentic-like.

The pictures are all foggy because the camera was left in the car and got to a very chilly temperature.  It was freezing. Very very cold. Tucker kept repeating "Brrrrrrrrr!" throughout our whole trip. He knows what cold is now. He also took a dive into a snow bank while we were up there. I can just imagine him thinking, "Wow, that looks white and fluffy like a bed." only to realize it was very much not like anything he'd ever want to take a nap on.

My family all gathered around the table
Two little indians (One was trying to get away)

My little nephew Jajue helping my brother, Andrew, out with his headdress
The camera had finally warmed up :)
Tucker and Great-Grandma Lee
Tucker and Great-Grandpa Lee

Well, then came the infamous Black Friday. Gary seriously gets all giddy about Black Friday like he is a little kid waiting for Santa to come, and I am not even kidding. I'm talking about him being so restless that he can't even sleep anyway. We got most of all our Christmas presents taken care of in one day! And we got great deal on a new TV while we were at it. Tucker was mostly excited about the box as you can see :)

 Tucker and his little box house 
Peeking out the window 

Well, I have a lot more to post stay tuned!



Glad ya had a good Thanksgiving! Love the costume idea! :) Looks like all ya need to get Tucker for Christmas is a few big boxes and he will be a happy little guy!! So cute.
P.S. We have Tucker's jacket here as well as your sprinkles and red food coloring that we need to get back to you!!

*Aliese* said...

I like Black Friday as well. I think it's kinda fun! It looks as though you got the exact same TV my sister and her husband did. We had a good time setting it up and playing some Beatles Rock Band with it afterward.