Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas

...and by that, I don't mean snow. It's been nothing but rain here for the last few days.

Here is Tucker playing with Hawkeye at Ben & Elisha's.

Gary has had a tradition to paint a Christmas village house each year since he was little. Each year the village gets bigger. Here we are just carrying on the tradition with the Callister family.

Tucker was pretty upset when he ripped off the feet of the Elf that Grandma Haroldsen gave us. Pretty violent, I know. He just kept saying "uh oh!"
 He tried to put them back on, but they just wouldn't stick. I finally glued them back on for him.
Here we are at the Johnson's. They cut their own tree, and it was pretty tall. They needed a ladder to get all the lights on. That was the first thing that Tucker went after and climbed up to the top. He loves any kind of ladder. We have to keep our eyes on him at Lowes and Home Depot for sure.

Here is Tucker opening his present at the Bolin Christmas Party.
 It was a Buzz Lightyear!
 He loves pushing all of the buttons.
Well, Sophie didn't handle Tucker's present quite so well. She got one of these for her birthday a few weeks ago. Apparently she thought that Tucker's Buzz Lightyear was hers. I can't help but laugh at this one.
Don't worry, her dad went back to their house to get hers so she would settle down. Good thing they didn't live too far away. One Buzz Lightyear + two kids= one kid not so happy! Two Buzz Lightyears + two kids= yay---two kids happy!
Here Tucker is hanging out with some cousins.
Today I had to grab some things at the mall. Tucker knew exactly who this was as we walked up. He pointed and said "Ho-ho-ho!" I almost just didn't bother with letting him sit on his lap because I was tired of shopping and wanted to get home. But I'm glad I gave in. Look how happy Tucker is! And Santa didn't even have to give him any candy to get a smile out of him. All the other kids were crying, but not Tucker--no siree! He must somehow understand that this is one guy he needs to be good around :)


Alyssa said...

I like that the Santa has a real beard. Lots of fun pictures! Tucker is cute as always! Merry Christmas!!


Looks like lots of fun!!
I took Jack to the mall today also to sit on Santa's lap!! Glad we went today so we got the "real" Santa with the beard and all. Christmas is so much more fun with a kid!!

Rachelle VDub said...

Seriosly, that pic of Tucker in with the dog is hilarious!!! SOunds like a fun Christmas! Oh, and I loved your Christmas card.