Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sandy and Wade's Wedding

Sandy got married on the 25th! We went up and celebrated with them and took pictures. We don't have them all uploaded yet (This last week has been so busy!) but when we do we'll post some on our site. 

Here are some just random fun pics of helping out with their luncheon.

Debbie and April cooking the lasagna and scones.
Daughter and Mother, Sandy and DeeAnn before the luncheon.
This is me all bundled up! It was a cold day for sure!
Also, there is a tradition that when anyone on the Bolin side gets married, someone shows up in a purple work jumpsuit to the reception. It means good luck for the marriage. It used to be DeeAnn's dad's (Gary's grandpa's) and he would wear it all the time. They finally took it away from him and when DeeAnn got married to Scott, Uncle Shay wore it to their reception. Ashley wore it to our wedding. Willie wore it to Ashley's, etc. Well, this time I wore it. It fit perfectly around my big belly. We will have to post some pictures of it soon! 

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