Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ice Fishing

We had a busy weekend. We went ice fishing at Fish Lake with Grandpa Schaugaard, Gary's dad, Sandy (she just got engaged to Wade by the way!), and Kaitlin. It was a lot of fun. We all caught our limit. 

I don't mind being pregnant in the winter because I have an extra heater in my tummy. Normally I would freeze, but this time it wasn't so bad. Apparently Gary and I are used to the St. George warmer weather, because we forgot to bring our sleeping bags to the cabin, not to mention coveralls for ice fishing. We did remember lots of warm clothes though. Thankfully there were extra coveralls!

Gary and I all bundled up
Kaitlin waiting for a fish to bite
Sandy getting the hook out
One of my fish
Gary's first catch of the day
All the fish we caught
Grandpa Schaugaard, Craig, Katilin and Gary just fishin'
One fish just being reeled in

After fishing on Saturday, we drove back because Ashley Harmon and I were throwing a baby shower for Tasha Anderson. We got back 20 minutes before everyone started to show up, so I had to shower and get everything put together real fast. While everyone was showing up, Gary decided to filet the fish. So it smelled like brownies and fish. It was an interesting combination. Yum.

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The Jones Family said...

Wow! Looks like you guys were very successful! My dad always says it ruins a good day of ice fishing to actually catch something. I love reading your blog, you are just too dang cute!