Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not So Awkwod

Well, it is that time of year when the couple that owns the house that we just moved into comes into town for a few weeks. Of course, because they are now in town, there is now a family reunion held each day in our new abode. We have a house full of people we just met. "Awkwod!" as a kid that rode Gary's bus would say. In all reality, they are all really nice. We all get along. It reminds me of when I was in the mission field when we had to stay at members' homes when we traveled far for Zone Conference. You really just feel at home, even when you don't know them that well.

Some highlights this week:
  • Gary offered one of the little girls some candy "Hey little girl, you want some candy?" and for some reason, she ran back into the other room.
  • Gary helped get the satellite working on one of the bedroom TVs.
  • The bug guy paid a visit to spray the house.
  • Midterms will be over this week!
  • The kids help eat the plethora of ice-cream toppings that we have somehow accumulated.
Seriously, we have like 10 bottles of ice-cream toppings. If anyone ever wants to have an ice-cream night, y'all are invited to our house. We have all flavors ever made. No exceptions. Let us know and seriously we'll plan the ultimate ice-cream event ever!

Jeff and Jenna, the invitation still includes you. You might be saying to yourself right now, "The weather is a little too cold..." Ya, we know you just got snow there yesterday. Think about it.


Kelly & Steph said...

haha thats awesome! For sure we have to come and eat some ice cream! Just as soon as i can hold down food and when eating doesnt make me have killer pains. Miss ya! :)

J n J Foster said...
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