Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Halloween Things

So, I'm not really a fan of the haunted houses, and the creepy eerie stuff of Halloween, but I am a fan of all the dressing up, pumpkin carving, candy, and trunk or treating!

Our ward threw a Halloween party where we made our debuts as Lady Gaga, Joe Dirt, and a cute little cow. 

At one point during the party, we were wondering where Tucker had ran off to. We finally found him with a cookie in each hand! Looks like those cookies were a little close to the edge!

Tucker and Sophie the Duck kept playing with the strings that were hung for the donut eating contest. I think they thought they might suddenly pull down a balloon or something.

The donut eating contest :)

A happy cow!

Tucker the Cow drinking some root beer from his trough

Daddy and Tuck just hanging out at the party. We finally just put some root beer in Tucker's sippy cup.

Gary getting ready to chug some root beer in a contest

So we decided to let tucker try on Gary's wig. We were seriously cracking up! He looked just like the little Joe Dirt in the movie that got lost at the Grand Canyon. "That's why Mom named you Joe Dirt!" Bahaha! I think he liked his cow costume a little better though.

Brad and Lauren as Salt and Pepper

Later, the next day, we carved a pumpkin that we got from Grandma and Grandpa Haroldsen!

Then we got dressed up all over again to go Trunk or Treating with our friends, Trish, Kody, and Lily. This time Tucker was a cute little chicken. Before we left, Grandma and Grandpa Bolin stopped by to see us all in our costumes!

I just had to show some pics of my Lady Gaga costume. I totally made it all homemade style, the clear origami shapes that I super glued together and everything, to try to look be kind of like this one, but more modest: 

Here's Lily and Tucker showing off their cute costumes!

After Trunk or Treating, we invited Trish, Kody, and Lily, as well as Gina & Darrell, over to our house to hang out, eat pizza, and watched a movie. 

Here's Tucker and Lily  just hanging out on their little chairs. Oh did I not notice that Tucker had the fly swatter again?!

Here they are playing around in the pack-n-play. I made a fort for them, and they were having a blast!

Well, we are already looking forward to dressing up next year! With good friends, pumpkins, candy, costumes, and more, how could we have been disappointed? We had a blast!


The Jones Family said...

You guys look so awesome! Nice job on your costume Megs, you are so talented!

Adri Jo said...

Those costumes are rockin! WoohoO!! Wish we went to the party so I could have seen it. :-)

BeccaB said...

I love dressing up too. It's a little hard when you're 5mo. pregnant and nothing fits and several costumes seem quite irreverent... cheerleader, nun, princess... when you're knocked up. Thanks for the belly band tutorial... I plan to make some more. I have one but it is too big to really hold anything up (from Motherhood Matternity "one size fits all")