Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Busy Fall!

We have been busy this fall!

We went to Staheli Farm with the Harmons and the Houghtons. It was a blast! 
Gary, Tucker, and Sophie, going through the mini maze
Tucker and Sophie looking at the goat that climbed into the pony's food bucket
This was one of Tucker's favorite parts
Sophie loved it too!
Here are the Harmons on the hayride
And our cute little family on the hayride
Tucker and Sophie led the way through the corn maze...
They thought they knew just where to go. We ended up going in lots of circles!
Daddy and Tucker walking through the maze
Here's Daddy and Tucker pumping water to have a duck race.
Tucker was way into this duck race
Tucker loved it so much that he ended up peeing his pants. Really. He didn't
want to stop playing with the duck race and wouldn't stop to go to the
bathroom even though we knew he needed to. Then the fun ended, and we went home.

 I guess this next event doesn't count as fun, especially for my dad. He ended up in emergency surgery on the 17th because his intestines got pinched and pulled up into his stomach taking up a 6"x9" space. They had to cut off 6 inches of his intestines. We went to Cedar City on the 18th to visit and wish him a quick recovery!
Tucker got to ride on Grandpa's hospital bed
Tucker wanted Grandma to chase him around in the foyer

 Later that week, Gary's mom, DeeAnn, and brother, Nathan, came to visit. She and I worked on some Christmas crafts to use as gifts. Get this: she also loaded 17 pumpkins from her garden into her car and drove them all the way from Salt Lake so we could have a pumpkin carving party with the Houghtons while they were here.
Ashley, Nate, Jennifer, Gary, and Debbie
Here's Ashley and her pumpkin

Gracie and Jordan carving their pumpkins
Sophie and her pumpkin
Madi, DeeAnn, Gary, Max, and Debbie
Here's the kids watching Shaun the Sheep in the Laptop after they carved their pumpkins
Tucker sitting next to his "Mater" pumpkin the next morning
This was actually later that weekend, Gary had been so busy helping everyone else with their pumpkins that he didn't get to make his at the party.
Here he is with his Linux Logo pumpkin. It turned out awesome.

This is me a few days later with my "Mac" pumpkin--we lost the pic of me with it earlier.

That weekend, Grandpa Haroldsen joined the party too.  It was nice enough outside to go boating!
Stay tuned for more fun! Halloween is next!

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*Aliese* said...

I love Staheli Farm in the fall; such a fun place. Also, Tucker's CARS slippers are stinkin' adorable.