Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tucker Teeth & Other Happenings

Here's Tucker with his homemade slide that he made all by himself. 

This little guy is a sucker for anything he can climb on.

He actually had a nasty accident on this one a few weeks ago. It was a Sunday and Gary and I were scheduled to speak in church. We were all dressed and ready to go to church, and we were scrambling to get our talks printed. Not much luck with that--the printer was out of ink. We had about 5 minutes before we needed to leave. Earlier I had tried to get a hold of someone to see if they would watch Tucker in the congregation while Gary and I were on the stand, but didn't get a hold of her. Well she called back, and while I was talking to Sasha, and I heard a loud crash, and then Tucker started crying. He had snuck out the doggy-door and we're assuming he tried to make this slide again and it slipped. He knocked his face right on the corner of the red box (that's where the blood was). I grabbed him and had his faces by my shoulder, and I didn't realize he was bleeding when Gary came in. Gary's was like, "He's bleeding all over!" We had blood all over my clothes, Gary's and Tucker's. I called the Sasha back real fast so she could tell someone that we might not make it--there was no way we were going to get a hold of anyone else that close to our meeting starting--they were probably all sitting down ready for church to start. Well, Tucker was pretty hysterical and we couldn't tell where he was cut because there was blood everywhere. A neighbor that heard the news came over to help out. Finally Tucker calmed down and we changed our clothes and rushed to church, just as the Sacrament was ending. Yup, we were up next. Everyone looked relieved when we scrambled up to the stand with Tucker. He started being fussy again, so our neighbor came and got him again. After the meeting we saw that he fell asleep on her shoulder and drooled blood all over her dress. Oops. So that was quite the ordeal. Then about a week later, Tucker bumped his teeth on a toy and they started bleeding again. We decided that we had better go to the dentist because his tooth was really loose.  Now he is on a soft food diet for a month--it's hard because he's a picky eater as it is! We are just hoping that it doesn't turn gray and fall out!

Here is one of the many times Tucker has snuck out threw the doggy-door.

Here is Tucker and Daddy playing with his "Yi yoh" puzzle. It's an Old Mcdonald puzzle that makes noises when he puts the pieces in. He loves it!

One day we went to Creative Minds where Tucker enjoyed playing with Lily and Sophie and a few other friends.

Filling up the car with gas
 Finding dinosaur tracks
 Sophie riding on the horsey--Ashley says that since Sophie went to Creative Minds, she prays to feed the horsey every night. Cute :)
 Being pirates!
 Driving the car
 Building something
 Getting a drink all by himself
 Being a cashier
 Playing house
 In the workshop
We all had fun, and when it was time to go, all the kids kept saying "Noooooo!" We'll have to take them back sometime.


Rachelle VDub said...

OH geez, that sounds like quite the eventful morning...I cant believe you actually made it in time to give your talks! Poor little Tucker.

The Jones Family said...

What a crazy sunday! Hopefully everything turns out okay with his teeth. And I'm sure you both did a great job speaking. The great thing is that if you told your Tucker story you had at least a few minutes to take up your time!!!

Jessica Peterson said...

Oh no! That's crazy! Love the cute slide idea Tucker came up with. =)