Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Family is Getting Bigger!

We wanted to announce that our family is getting bigger.

No, it's not another baby on the way. I must deny the validity of claim made on facebook under Gary's account last night. Haha. It was a little joke on us. Our friend Trish is due to have a baby 1/1/11 (Today!). Last night we had them over and she used our computer for a minute and was still logged into her facebook account. Gary thought it would be funny to change her status to "is going into labor right now" which she wasn't. Before the night was over, she had caught on to the trick, and when Gary was logged onto facebook but wasn't watching, she got us back.

But our family did get a new addition. Her name is Jemima Jane Schaugaard. She is a 4-month-old Labradoodle.

Gary's brother, Nate, came down with us when we headed back home from all the Christmas festivities. One day last week, Gary came home and wanted to go shooting with Nate since Gary got his new gun for Christmas. When they got back, Gary walked through the door and tossed this little fur-ball onto our floor!

It was a total surprise!

We have been looking at puppies for forever. Tucker loves dogs, and we thought it would be good to have one around. Gary has a lot of fun memories of his dog while he was growing up. Gary is allergic to a lot of dogs, so we had to look for one that is hypoallergenic.

We had looked at the dog he brought home before we went out of town for Thanksgiving. They wanted $500 for each of their pups, and we left without a dog, but thought we might come back after we had came back from being out of town for Thanksgiving. Well, Gary lost the phone number and we looked for the listing again but didn't find anything.

Well, when he went shooting, Nate and Gary went near where they had the dogs. They stopped by the house where they had the pups at and they had 2 left! They gave him the option to take her home for 24 hrs. to see if we wanted to keep her. Plus, she was only $125 this time :)

At first I didn't know if I could handle it. It's a big responsibility, and she needs to be house trained. The next day though, she went hiking with us up the red rocks in front of our house. We took Nate's new rock crawler up the rocks. She stayed right by the boys and just climbed the rocks with them. It was so cute! I then realized that I couldn't get rid of all these memories waiting to be made by our little boy and his dog. Then, that day, I thought we had lost her for a minute, and I was freaking out. Okay. I became attached. She wasn't even lost--she was just chilling in a chair.

Can you see Nate in this next picture? 

She is a really good dog. She has been catching on to the house training and is sooooo good with Tucker, even when he tries to wrestle her to the ground. 

 Here's Tucker and Jemima during bath-time.

She got the name Jemima Jane because once, when Gary and I were at the temple, we were doing sealings for a couple and one of the names was Jemima Jane. Gary said with a Southern drawl, "I think the next girl in the family should be named Jemima Jane." He even asked his sister, Sandy, if she would name her baby (due this month!) Jemima Jane. But when we got our little doggy, it just seamed perfect!


Celia said...

What a cutie!! This is the kind of dog I have wanted for years!! And I can't wait to get a dog for Xander... Have fun, and good luck training!

Alyssa said...

Tucker will love his dog! Korbin already loves our dog Jimmy..he tries to pet him and just watches him as he runs back and forth! Yay for puppies!

Rachelle VDub said...

Love it!!! So cute, I just asked Casey yesterday if we would get a dog if Cru wanted one...hmmm...i guess we will see. She is a cutie.