Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parenthood and Tucker J

So parenthood is a whole other story! I thought I was a pretty chill person, but now I have become some obsessive overprotective mother. Not because Tucker is out of control or anything but because he is a whole other person that can't take care of himself and I am completely  responsible for him. I think I have finally calmed down a little, but seriously, nobody can tell you anything to prepare you for how it feels. Sometimes he spits up out his nose, and it is the saddest thing because I can tell how much he hates it. Or when I know his tummy hurts, I just want to take all the hurt away. It's crazy to think that someday he will be making choices on his own, and that he will make mistakes and not always do exactly what will make him happy. It just kind of puts things into perspective. Heavenly Father watches us down here, and I am sure his love for us is more than I can even imagine. It has to be the hardest thing to watch his children go through any pain or see them make decisions that don't always lead to happiness. Even though it is hard sometimes to watch this little guy hurt, it is so worth it to have gained all the love that I have for him. I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

Tucker just hanging out in his bouncer
Tucker's 1st bath
Tucker getting bundled in his towel--he really actually likes baths now
Tucker and Daddy just hanging out
Tucker at his 1st baseball game
The Schaugaard family at the Roadrunners game
Tucker and Lily
Daddy and Tucker
Tucker's first kiss from a girlfriend--We are planning on an arranged marriage
Tucker taking a nap, you can't really tell but I sewed a tie onto his onesie for him to wear to church


Alyssa said...

What a precious little boy you have! It is crazy to think about stuff like that, and hard for me to imagine. Im sure you and Gary are doing an amazing job! He is adorable!

justinandash said...

He is just so perfect!

Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

Oh my gosh Megs...He is SO adorable!!! I just want to come steal him from you!

Kelly & Steph said...

Aw he is so cute! I LOVE new born babies!

Sandy said...

You need to move here right now. I can't take it! Look how big he is! Are his eyes blue? They look blue. It's not fair how am I ever going to be his favorite aunt when I never get to see him? :(

Elena Loo said...

He is so adorable! Man - just a treasure. I'm glad you're liking motherhood.

Anonymous said...

he's so cute. congrats! yes, i am hoping the dog will help me be more prepared for a baby... but really, what can prepare you for that?? ha.

The Radmall's said...

I love him! he is so cute! I hope you are getting some sleep and if not, I'm sure it will come soon!

Anonymous said...

How's life as a new mom? I am sure you are so busy... AND sleep deprived! Can't wait to see more pics. He is so cute!