Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For Thanksgiving, we had our house full, and I loved every minute of it (really I did). Gary's Dad, Becky, Amber, and Kaitlin, and a friend from Amber's soccer team stayed with us. Gary's Uncle Dave and his family stayed with us too. While down here, Amber had some soccer games that we went to see, and we got to have one of the families of Amber's teammate stay with us too. 

Thanksgiving day we went to the Turners where all the Schaugaards met together and ate a feast. We later visited the Houghtons, because Gary's Mom, Scott, Brad, Nate, and Sandy, and let's not forget Brutus the dog, came down this way too. 

We spent time rock climbing at Dixie Rock, and even got to see Elder Holland while we were there (but we didn't want to bother him so we didn't say anything to him).


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