Sunday, July 6, 2008

If You Could Hike to Kolob

On Thursday night, Chris & Sara Poole and Gary & I drove up to Kolob Reservoir. We were supposed to meet up with Tyler & Nicole, who had drove up earlier that day and already found a camp site. It's a good thing we weren't hiking because we drove forever and could not find them. We drove on some crazy bumpy roads, looking for a bridge that meant we were close. We found a bridge, but it looked like it would fall apart the second we drove on it, like the ones in National Treasure. So we drove some more. We finally gave up and pulled off to the side of the road and camped there for the night. 

We roasted some mallows on a couple of charcoals. It wasn't quite like having a real camp fire, but I guess there was a rule that we couldn't have one. The trick is to get close to charcoals, but not quite touch them with your mallows...not the most effective way to get smores.
The next morning we found Tyler & Nicole. They had actually gone over that crazy bridge; it turned out that didn't look so rickety in the daylight. It was then that we found out that they had had a visitor that snuck in their tent the night before...a huge skunk! Luckily no nothing was sprayed.

During the day, I hung out on the beach with Sara and did some homework, and everyone else played in the water. Later on in the day, I joined them for the fun, and we took some awesome pics of everyone jumping off some rocks into the water, with Tyler & Nicole's waterproof camera (sadly the camera drowned the next day when they went to Gunlock).

We were going to stay another night, but we decided it was unpatriotic to skip out on fireworks, so we went back through Zion and stopped to take some pics on the way back to St. George. 

When we got back in town we found a good place to watch the fireworks, set up our camera, and then came the fireworks. It was a great 4th of July!


Kelly & Steph said...

Sounds like Fun!! Love the pics! Maybe you could buy a new camera and give me your "old" one! hehe

Anonymous said...

So you went camping afterall. I wonder if you are like me right at this moment, trying to finish that dang proposal for grant writing! Fun stuff.

Alyssa said...

Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! I love them! I wish I could take pictures like that! Sounds like it was a fun lil camping adventure!

Alyssa said...

If its like a saturday night, and somehow not too expensive, we are there! That would be a blast! If you guys ever go, let me know and we will see what we can do!

J n J Foster said...

That's a real bummer about the Johnson's camera but that picture of the fireworks and the temple...Amazing!! We love your picture taking abilities.

Hight Family said...

It was good to see you too. You are amazing, I love your photography!