Monday, May 12, 2008

Field Trip for the Weekend

This last weekend, Gary was scheduled to drive to Provo for a choir field trip. I decided to tag along. First thing, when all the kids and teachers were on the bus, they decided to take roll. Well, one of the Chaperones looked at me and said, "We'll start with you." I had to explain that I have not been in high school for some time now. I just look either immature or young, one or the other. I get it all the time. 

We met my sisters Abbey and Lizz and my little nephew Jajue while we were up there. We decided to go to Cabella's and the whole way there, Jajue was saying "fish-es." When we got to Cabella's, there were some little beagle puppies in front and Jajue thought one of them looked thirsty. Inside, he loved all of the animals on display "wow!" and expecially the "fish-es!" in the fish cave.

After Cabella's, we went back to the high school where the bus was parked. Get a glimpse of Jajue in the driver's seat of the bus by pressing play on the video clip. You will also get to see some stellar imitations of a kangaroo and a penguin. 

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