Monday, February 19, 2018

It's Been Years!

I have been putting together a yearbook for the year 2008. Throwing our pictures together wouldn't have been nearly as easy if I hadn't blogged that year. So here I am, half a decade later, posting on the good old blog. Let's see if I can get 2018 blogged. And it's not so much to have an audience, as it is to have for us to remember–like a journal.

We've been living with Gary's dad, Craig, step-mom, Becky, and sister, Kaitlin (18), for about 9 months now. It's gone by super fast. We are up here while Gary finishes his PMBA at the U. He was commuting from St. George as soon as he started in January 2017, and we finally decided to rent out our house and move up with family. It's been good–a little squishy, but good. They have been great to let us stay with them. Of course we are paying rent to live here, but it still saves us some money so we can pay for Gary's schooling and not have to go into debt.

This weekend we went to Classic Skating for a Haroldsen get-together. It was soooo fun. Pretty much Gary and I rock at skating and felt like we were in 7th grade again. The kids tried out skating too, and I just have to laugh out loud thinking about Tucker on his skates. Doodles' legs are noodles. Classic has a spot with a jump and Gary totally hit it, and of course I had to try too. Everyone had so much fun!

Saturday we went to Fat Cats and went bowling with the McSwains and some of their friends. The McSwains are in the same ward as us. I serve in the Primary Presidency with Hailee McSwain. Tucker didn't want to go, but he rarely does want to go anywhere, until he gets there, and then he is fine. The McSwains are so fun. They have a lot in common with us. Except our kids are all the opposite genders. They have 2 girls and then a boy. They like hunting, and playing on the weekends. They've been some good friends while we have been in Ogden. One thing we better be careful about though is that Colton is just as excited about buying expensive toys/guns as Gary is. Our other friends in St. George could usually talk us out of it, but Colton just agrees with Gary. I'm sure they will both have motorcycles and super expensive pellet guns, and professional laser tag games in no time! It's too bad we can't just take our good friends with us wherever we live. We had to leave friends in St. George too!

So far the plan is to go back to St. George, but I honestly have no real idea what we will do because I guess it all just depends on work for Gary, etc. Our renters' lease is up in June, but he will still have school until October. We'll see what happens!

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